On-Purpose Partners Windermere, LLC

Mary combines her work heading marketing at Walt Disney World with her independent consultant and coaching profession to deliver winning results for clients again and again.

  • Brand & Marketing Consultant

    When you developed brand positioning and strategy for Walt Disney World, most everything else is easy.

  • Customer service design & training

    Memorable and measurable customer service is Mary's forte'.

  • On-Purpose Personal Coach

    Great listening, a caring heart, and a keen mind for the On-Purpose process produce consistent gains for clients.

  • Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitator

    Get the team away to think, plan, and build relationships – advance the agenda.

  • Workshop Leader

    Engage Mary to build business, teams, and leadership growth.

  • Executive Coaching

    Confidential discussions and insights for business and career advancement.

My Promise to You!

  • Begin with your definition of success. If I can't help you, you'll know up front.
  • Work in partnership. My role is to encourage, challenge, and bring resources to accelerate your success.
  • Develop and implement your On-Purpose Plan with engaging sessions.
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Speaker & Workshop Presenter

For all workshops, the process is to evaluate the specific needs and objectives, customize the workshops to meet those needs, and develop accountability to sustain the learning.

Build Your Team, Business, and Leadership Capacity & Performance

Business Building: Customer Service • Brand & Marketing • On-Purpose Business

Team Building: DiSC • Blending & Developing Effective Teams • Generational Differences • Managing Conflict

Leadership: New Leader Transition • Leading Through Change • Being On-Purpose

On-Purpose® Training Professional

The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person are essential books for anyone wanting to lead their life and work life in a meaningful and profitable manner. 

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