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Since the late 1980s Kevin has pioneered the conversation about purpose, in general, and On-Purpose®, specifically. If you're interested in purpose, it is probable that you've already been influenced by Kevin's calling.

  • Strategist & Business Designer

    Do you know your 2-word purpose statement, vision, missions, and values? Do you have a plan to bring them to life?

  • Strategic Story Writer

    Every business has a strategic story to tell. Do you know yours? How well are you telling it?

  • Marketing & Sales Architect

    What's your blueprint for predictably producing revenue? How's your marketing & sales architecture?

  • Business and Leadership Author

    The On-Purpose® Approach: finally a way to meaningfully and profitably integrate life and work.

  • Executive Coach & Trusted Advisor

    Where do you turn for sound business judgment and creative thinking?

  • Professional Speaker

    Keynotes, workshops, and online learning.

The On-Purpose® Minutes

Who is your mentor? 

How do you become a more on-purpose leader of your life and work? 

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Business Advisor & Executive Coach

A listening ear, a sharp mind for business, and a keen eye for profit-making.

A rare ability to speed read between the lines of business challenges and provide workable plans and solutions.

MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia.

A trusted advisor to Founders and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies to start-up entrepreneurs.

Best-Selling Author

The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person are essential books for anyone wanting to lead their life and work life in a meaningful and profitable manner. 

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Professional Speaker on Leadership, Business, and Motivational Topics

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