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On-Purpose. What's the big idea?

The "big idea" is to be and become your best – to be on-purpose. On-Purpose is a systematic and gracious approach where if you'll invest your time to think and work, you'll more predictably accomplish meaningful returns. Here's what's involved in being on-purpose:

  • Know Creative business ideayour 2-word life purpose at www.onpurpose.me.
  • Make decisions and take action aligned with your purpose and, voila, you're an on-purpose person in creation. 
  • Be on-purpose more consistently and you'll meaningfully mature into the promise and power of your inherent leadership promise.
  • Be in community with other on-purpose persons in creation.
  • Invest in others to be and become, and everyone will prosper.
  • Being you will make the planet a better place for being a better you.

"First you."

Be about leading your life and the business you've been given to do. Aspire and perspire to be the best possible you for your stage of development and experience. Resist the natural gravity of decline. Don't get hung up on perfection. Instead, aim for consistent progress and improvement.

Wean yourself from the posing and posturing of "faking it until you're making it." Trust the authenticity of your inherent God-given design and strengths to be the basis of living a prosperous life.

When you're on-purpose, you're in your best position to prosper. (Prosper means everyone wins or profits rather than a zero-sum personal gain.) Even challenging conditions and circumstances lose much of their sting when there's clarity of purpose and a plan at work. Tough shifts are expected, even embraced for the honing of the heart and character. Gratitude becomes the byproduct of you being an even better you. Invariably then, you will make a difference. It's a sustainable and healthy pattern for being you and being in relationships with others.

 "Then Others." 

Now that you're in the creative developmental process of being an on-purpose person, encourage and inspire others to be on-purpose too. With how you're developing and leading your life, introduce others to this big idea of being on-purpose. Encouraging and leading others to be on-purpose reinforces your personal on-purpose initiative while making a difference. Everyone wins!

 "Finally, Where You Work." 

Instill the On-Purpose® Approach in organizations within your places of purpose – at home, work, social, worship, and play. There's unmatched power when the purpose of the person and the purpose of the organization are highly aligned and integrated (The On-Purpose Principle).

Focus on your respective part and partners and you advance the movement of being on-purpose. When enough of us do this, eventually, we'll be living on the on-purpose planet.

How can On-Purpose help me?

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Tapping the power of who you are and the possibilities of whom you can become are the hallmarks of the On-Purpose® Approach. It's an aligned and integrated methodology that's fun and effective at provoking your heart and mind to more predictably create meaningful outcomes.

Like a coin, you have two inseparable faces. One is personal and the other is organizational. In the busyness of life, On-Purpose helps you to rapidly refine and genuinely fill the "space between your two faces," an area easily neglected or often misunderstood but is the depth of our substance and the value of our being.

Assay yourself. How do you feel? Counterfeit or authentic? You're moving in one direction or the other. On-Purpose is the means and method of refining who you are so you can lead as designed.

Where do I get started with being on-purpose?

You're on a great start here at on-purpose.com. Explore often as fresh content, resources, ideas, and innovative content are in constant development. We're a community in creation, aka The On-Purpose Planet.

Below are some free as well as very affordable ways to begin your path to be an on-purpose person in creation.

1. Read The On-Purpose Person.OP Person Cover

Start here! This is the seminal work that started it all. Get a feel from the message and method of being on-purpose from the free preview. This "Modern Parable" is fast, easy reading. Don't let that fool you! Here's a powerful message especially for busy people whose lives are filled, yet unfulfilled.

Originally released in 1992 and updated in 2009, The On-Purpose Person was the first book to use on-purpose as a term for being thoughtful and intentional about one's life. It began a conversation and movement about purpose.

Get your free preview here from The On-Purpose Shop

2. Read The On-Purpose Business Person TOPBPerson cover

Here's the organizational face of the coin. This "Modern Parable" is a narrative that introduces four pillars or core principles to organizational development. While it is set in a business environment, the message and methods apply to any organization.

The Four Pillars of an on-purpose organization are:

  1. The On-Purpose Principle
  2. The Think Inc! Mindset
  3. The Service Model
  4. The Matter of Manners

3. Subscribe (free) to The On-Purpose Minutes.


The On-Purpose Minutes are twice weekly blog posts with brief videos addressing relevant topics on personal and organizational leadership. They're pithy, profound, and provoking you to be on-purpose.

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5. Serious About Being On-Purpose?

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The Big Idea is for you to be an on-purpose person in creation!